Is Technical Support and Service available?

Yes, depending on the type and manufacturer of the equipment.

Do You Offer After Hours Service?


Do you sell parts?

Yes. Depending on Manufacturer, make and model. Certain machines may no longer be supported because of age but we may be able to source from elsewhere if required.

Do you refurbish machinery or equipment?

No, we do not offer this service at this time.

Can I be put on a waiting list for a particular machine or equipment?

Yes. Register online or call us on 1300 057 417

Do you buy machinery or equipment?

Yes. Simply complete our online valuation form or call our experienced team on 1300 057 417

Do items have a warranty or guarantee?

New items from the manufacturer will have a manufacturer’s warranty as specified by the manufacturer. Allused items are sold ‘As Is’. There are no implied warranties or guarantees with any used equipment in our inventory. Statement of condition and machine type (manufacturer, model #, age, etc) is provided to us by the seller and although we strive to obtain the best information from the seller, Allused is not responsible for inaccuracies that appear in a listing.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the buyer, to inspect machinery before purchase or at pickup; crosscheck with manufacturer regarding descriptions and specifications that appear in a listing.

What payment method do you accept?

Allused accepts EFT, Credit cards and cash. Please note that we do not accept cheques under any circumstances.

Is shipping/freight included?

No, unless specified in the purchase. It is the responsibility of a customer to pick up, either personally or by a contracted shipping agent at their own expense.

Can you help us obtain a shipping quote?

Yes, we can recommend several shipping/freight companies.

Do you provide financing?

Yes, we have various financial institutions that we can rely on.