Newly Arrived Stock Just Landed!

I feel like we have only just got going, but the calendar tells me a different story and I can’t believe we are about to finish another financial year. If you told me 12 months ago that the market would be this buoyant, I wouldn’t have believed it, but in all honesty, we have had a great year all round with sales in all segments which has been awesome to say the least.  That said, we are a naturally cautious bunch, and our normal pessimistic attitude tells us this shouldn’t be sustainable, but these are uncertain times, so who really knows? 

Thankfully, we have managed to keep up with market demand and while our stock levels are low, we still have quality gear regularly filtering through – so if you are considering selling, make sure you keep us in mind. 

Take a look at the list of newly arrived stock below and keep your eyes out in the coming weeks when you will see our horizons expanding with the sale of a full brick-making plant!  

Talk soon,

Gary and the Allused team