We recently completed our 135km walk and now that we have recovered, we just wanted to give you a quick insight into what we did, and what your valuable donations raised will be used for. 

Firstly, we would like to say a massive thank you to everyone for your support. While it was humbling, it also gave us a sense of responsibility and extra boost of energy to make sure we finished. Safe to say, that while all of us found the walk tougher than expected (especially the 32km 4th day), the scenery was beautiful and uplifting which made the task all the more easier. 

All of us had some injuries but we have to say a special congratulations to Patrick who walked most of the last 22km in a pair of socks – his determination to finish was truly inspirational. 

While we were the oldest participants by far (they dubbed us the four wise men) we held our own and Alan and Gary were always near the front. The young people we met were a great bunch and each of them had an interesting (but sometimes shocking) story to tell. It was clear that all had a personal reason to do the walk but the overwhelming wish to support the ‘zero2hero’ cause was unanimous. 

Together we have raised $52,223 for zero2hero

zero2hero trains young people to pick up the first signs of mental health issues in their own peer groups and catch them before they destroy lives. Your donations will allow the training of 75 kids to become ambassadors and save hundreds of lives from destruction. 

Well done to our supporters and once again, thankyou for donating to a great organisation. 

Alan, Gary, Patrick and Philip

Remember you can still donate here it’s not too late 😊