What a year it was! Thank you.

Amazingly, we have come to the end of another financial year. I am proud to say that we have now been in business for over 12 years and the whole team are looking forward to another successful year.

This year, our focus will be on providing even greater service to our valuable customers. Whilst we believe we are at the high end of customer service and we give all our customers due respect regardless of what they buy, we know that there is always room for improvement – and we need your opinion!

To help us along the way, we will soon be sending out a short questionnaire. We ask that you take the time to provide us with your feedback so that, in turn, we can provide even greater service. In the meantime, if you can think of anything that will assist us, please lets us know.  

We are proud of our reputation and stand by our customer service, but we also know that many of you will just let poor service slip through the cracks. That’s why, whether good or bad, we want to know your feedback so we can step up if need be. Unfortunately, many businesses get too comfortable in their market and forget how to treat, respect and listen to their customers. Please help us make sure we are not one of them because you will be amazed how much we get a buzz out of seeing returning and long-term customers.

P.s. On separate note, you may be aware that we are having few issues implementing our new website software. We ask that you please be patient whilst we locate issues and are looking forward to getting a good working system in place soon.

Talk soon,