Breaking News, Something Big Is About to Be Announced.

At the moment, our team, like many of you are unsure as to where the construction market is heading. From a sales perspective, we are experiencing massive price fluctuations and inflated costs for some stock, but then relative stability for something else. This is particularly true when you compare our equipment versus buckets part of the business. On the equipment side, it has been hard to get a read on the price of some gear as is seems to be fluctuating daily, but our most popular stock is still selling immediately which is great to see. On the buckets side, things are a lot steadier, and we have a lot available in the yard, with plenty more on the way.

Not surprisingly, with this fluctuation in the market, many of our customers have been turning to AU Hire to meet their demands and this month has been no exception, with the 20 Ton Auger and Pipe Lifters proving popular.

That’s all for now, stay safe, and remember if you are looking for a particular piece of gear that is hard to find, make sure you give us a call